Presto Releases

We're constantly making Presto Assistant better. Here are many of the features and improvements added to Presto since it first launched.

April 11, 2021

Inventory data and more permissions updates

Presto Engineering

Another morsel of updates to inventory and permissions has just arrived. Let’s dig in!

Inventory Tables

Some great feedback came in about adding timesavers for directors. Round one of this update includes quickly seeing which inventory item is checked out to which student.

  • Inventory table has a Checked Out To column
  • The table has a new filter to view either Checkout Status or Unassigned more easily
  • Both Directors and District Administrators can see this data
View Checkout Data in Inventory Table.
View Checkout Data in Inventory Table


Directors can more easily see permissions for any adult (director or parent) in their organization. Click on an adult in the data table to show a detailed view of that person’s data. Any adult can have these permissions added to various parts of the Presto Assistant web app:

Read, Write, Edit, Delete

As long as a director can update the permissions of other users, they can click the “edit” icon button to update any of these permissions.

View Permissions in Adult Details
View Permissions in Adult Details

NOTE: Assistant directors for every organization automatically have all permissions set only to “Read” and “Write”. The lead Director for an organzation or the District Administrators can update those permissions as needed.


  • In the “Communications” area students can only email the directors of their organization. This was broken — fixed now.


  • Bug fixes and general updates related to app infrastructure. We like it when boring udpates make everything run more smoothly.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact Presto support to learn more!

April 1, 2021

Dynamic Fields are here

Presto Engineering

Based on feedback from a theater teacher, we have a great new feature. Reminder: Presto Assistant supports all the fine arts programs!

Dynamic Fields

The dynamic fields feature allows your program to have custom fields on inventory, library items, and uniforms. For example, if your theater program wants to have “time period” as a field on uniforms, this can now be done.

  • Because some districts may wish to reassign inventory, library items, and uniforms between campuses, these dynamic fields are shared across all organizations in a district, for a given organization type. For example, if a Director of Fine Arts adds the “time period” field to uniforms for theater, all theater organizations in that district will have that field available. Thus, only district administrators have the authority to add and remove dynamic fields.
  • District Administrators or District Assistants can manage dynamic fields by going here in the Presto web app.
Add Dynamic Fields - District Administrator view.
Add Dynamic Fields - District Administrator view

Any questions?

Feel free to contact Presto support to learn more!

March 31, 2021

Enhancing permissions

Presto Engineering


  • We expect the finances feature to launch in late Spring 2021. We added a placeholder in the web app with that launch date and a brief overview of upcoming “Finances” features.


Permissions are scoped to each organization. If “Jim Smith” has a child in both band and choir, then Jim can have different permissions as a parent for each group. The director of each organization can grant permissions as needed. This is a great way to give access to the “Uniform team”, etc.

District Administrators can edit permissions for any organization’s director. This includes allowing the directors to edit the permissions of other organization members.

Edit Permissions for other users image.
Edit permissions for other users

  • Directors can update permissions for any adult in their organization now. Click on a table row on the “Directors” or “Parents” tables to bring up a detailed view of one adult. Scroll down to see the “Edit Permissions” button.

    • If a director is not seeing an option to edit the permissions of an adult, ask your District Administrator to check if you have permission to edit (see above image).

District Administrators

  • The table that shows all directors in an organization was improved with better performance and an enhanced “Edit Permissions” action.


  • Assistant directors would see an error if they attempted to sync Google Calendar. Only the organization creator can sync with Google Calendar, so we removed the ability for assistant directors to sync.


  • If your free trial or subscription ends, we updated the contact info to send an email to our “billing” email.

As always, feel free to contact Presto support with any questions!

March 14, 2021

Large data tables and more

Presto Engineering

Here are a few minor updates in the most recent Presto Assistant release. Meanwhile we are still chugging along on bigger features, too.

Data tables

  • A user might select a page size of “250 rows” in our data tables, but we were only showing “100 rows”. Oops! It’s fixed in all tables now.


  • Sometimes you see a notification pop up in the upper right part of your browser. Now that “toast” notification is visible even if you are in a “dialog” like when importing data.

Onboarding - Profile Info

  • The “Date of birth” field on this form could be filled in for some users, but they still had to type out their date of birth to proceed. It’s fixed now.


  • As part of an ongoing update, District Admin users now have a nicer interface when updating permissions for directors in their district’s organizations.

Reset password

  • Some users could get into a situation where they were asked to reset their password twice after clicking the “Reset password” link. No more!

Student import

  • Our recent changes that added parent data to each student when importing data was terrific. Also, it made the import slower than we would like. We made some changes and now importing student data should take 1-2 seconds.

As always, feel free to contact Presto support with any questions!

March 4, 2021

All about licenses

Presto Engineering

Good news – All licenses for Presto Assistant purchased right now are good until the end of June 2022! 💪

How do licenses work?

  1. All Presto users get a free 30-day trial.
  2. When an organization’s Director or the District Administrator decides that Presto Assistant works for them, they can contact Presto billing to purchase licenses.

    • A license is always purchased by a District and can be given to any organization not currently using a license.
  3. The District Administrator (or a District Assistant) can view a list of purchased licenses in their “Admin” view. That Administrator should provide a one-time-use license code to any organization Director that needs to activate their subscription.
  4. An organization’s Director can redeem a license when signed in to the web application – look in the top left area, this is viewable from all pages in Presto Assistant.


  • A District Administrator can now see a list of licenses for their district.
  • A Director for an organization can redeem a license code given by the District Administrator.

    • This works if the organization has become “inactive”, too, either because the free trial has ended or a 1-year license has ended.


  • When importing student data, Presto will do a better job at telling a director about any errors.

    • Keep in mind that all student emails should be different than connected parent emails.

Ready to purchase licenses for your district? Contact Presto billing

Questions? Contact Presto support

February 28, 2021

Improved student imports and relationships

Presto Engineering

Today’s updates are all about relationships. We are making it easier for directors to connect students with family members. Now you can import student data with parent data to set up the family relationships automatically.

Also, Presto will never duplicate your data. This means you can import your student data many times with updated information (e.g., added parent data on each row) with no worries.

Head over to the “Students” page and click on the “Import students” option in the upper right part of the table to get started adding student data.


  • We have more Student data import options. Now you can add data for up to two parents on each row.

    • If you add Parent data for a student, the following fields are available: email, firstName, lastName, phoneNumber (optional)
    • The relationship between student/parent will be established when you upload parent data.
  • The “import” option for the Parents area is removed. We suggest adding parent data when importing student data. This is the way.


  • When you are viewing the “info” page for any person, you can easily see their connected relationships. This quick family view shows family role (e.g., “Parent” or “Child”), email, name, and phone number.

    • Click on the relationship item to view the “info” page for that person.
February 24, 2021

Importing people just got easier

Presto Engineering

Special thanks to a valued director using Presto who provided some feedback about importing people data. We listened, planned some changes, wrote code, tested it, and now have all of it ready a 1/2 day later. 🔥


  • Importing user data just got a lot easier…No need for any more student passwords on imports.
  • For all types of people data you can import – students, parents, directors – you only need four fields: emailAddress, firstName, lastName, and dateOfBirth. The rest of it can be added later by you or the individual Presto users when they sign in.
  • There was an issue where clicking on an adult user’s name to see their data might crash the app if they had no gender data. We fixed it right up.
  • All non-admin users will now see a card on the dashboard showing information about family members – how many connections or how many pending invitations.

All users you add to Presto Assistant will be prompted to change their password the first time they sign in, regardless of whether or not one was provided on import.

We hope this helps to get your data into Presto Assistant faster!

February 21, 2021

Improved details view for physical inventory

Presto Engineering

The “2021 Texas Blizzard” slowed us down a bit, but we are all safe and sound. Here’s a handful of updates to Presto made during the past week. Hopefully the lights stay on and the internet continues to flow!

Inventory, Uniforms, Library

  • View the details for single items in these areas with an easier-to-read interface now. Edit buttons are closer within reach. This will help directors move fast and find what they need.
  • The left navigation menu now groups together all “physical” inventory items – inventory, library, and uniforms.


  • Now there’s a “show password” icon to help out if needed.
  • When you tap the submit button, we show you a loading spinner. It’s nice to know that something is happening when you sign in.
  • We now prevent an error that might occur if you had an extra space after your username or password when signing in.


  • We like to be consistent, so we now show the organization types options in alphabetical order when a director is creating their organization.
February 13, 2021

Expanded assistant director permissions

Presto Engineering

TMEA 2021 is winding down, but we are still hard at work improving Presto Assistant for all users.

Swing by our TMEA booth and say, “Hi”!


  • Thanks to our fancy error-tracking notifications, our engineers noticed an issue with an organization Director adding Assistant Directors. The form to add assistants has better error messaging now.
  • Assistant Directors will have permission to view and add users, inventory, etc. in the organization. The former way was much more limited. If your assistant directors signed in and couldn’t see much, please ask them to sign in again. 🙏


  • We release features and improvements often. When we push out those changes, we made some enhancements to make the new features available a bit quicker.
February 11, 2021

Invite your students and parents

Presto Engineering

Our road to TMEA 2021 includes a handful of updates. Swing by our TMEA booth in the next few days and ask all the questions you can think of!


  • All members of your organization have to complete an “onboarding” process to set up their own password and update any missing information. We now offer two ways to send out an email to invite organization members to complete this process:

    • The detail page for any student/parent/director has the option to send the “welcome” email to that one user.
    • The organization settings page has the option to send the “welcome” email to any user who has not received it yet.
    • A typical workflow like this might make sense:

      • Add all of the students and other users
      • Finish setting up your organization details like Google Calendar, etc
      • Then send an invite email to everyone when you are ready!
  • We have re-enabled parent/student sign-in for any organization member who received the “welcome” email mentioned above.


  • A student could switch themselves to a parent “role” in your organization in the first step of onboarding. We caught it. It is fixed now.


  • This very page was released! Now anyone can stay informed about the latest Presto Assistant updates.
February 9, 2021

Improvements in importing and more

Presto Engineering

Based on feedback from Presto users, our engineers have been making the magic happen all week long. Here’s what changed in the last several days:


  • Some of the date inputs would crash the app if you deleted a value. We found the bug and squashed it.


  • Resolve an issue where a user’s Google Calendar authentication would expire and cause an error. We now show a way for them to head to Google’s settings to reset the authentication, which allows them to hook up Presto Assistant + Google Calendar again. This should be rare, but now there is guidance if this pops up.

Communication - Email

  • The interface for adding people to an email has more room (we affectionately call this the People Picker).
  • You can click anywhere on the “To” area to start adding recipients.
  • Hover over or tab to any recipient and a pop-up shows with that recipient’s email address. That seems important!

Data Tables

  • All data tables now support up to 250 rows viewed. The larger organizations thought this was a good idea, and we agreed.
  • As long as you are using the same browser, your page size for each table will sync up. Switch to 100 inventory items in view, close your browser, open it back up to Presto Assistant, and your inventory table will show 100 rows of data. Voila! This works on all data tables.

Importing data

  • Allow a wider format of dates in imported data with leading zeroes, forward slashes, hyphens, and short year — as long as dates are in one of these formats, then all should work as expected:

    • 3/3/21, 03/03/2021, 3-3-21, 03-03-2021,
  • Improve detection of duplicate custom barcodes.
  • Quotation marks inside cells would break an import. No longer! Feel free to import Jupiter from “The Planets” all you want.


  • Viewing the details for any person shows a more concise interface now. Edit buttons are closer within reach. This pattern will soon make its way to other parts of the app. This will help directors move fast and find what they need.
February 1, 2021

Communication and more

Presto Engineering

After our first “early access” invitees looked around the app, they helped us find a few things to tidy up.

Communication - Email

  • Emails were being sent out to any created/imported user automatically to help them set up their Presto Assistant user profile. We were not warning the directors that this would happen, so this feature is turned off. Emails will still be sent to other directors added to the program, as that seems like a good use case — inviting co-workers to check out Presto Assistant.

    • We do feel like the “invite” email is a necessary feature to help a program set up Presto quickly. We plan on implementing a better way to let the director choose when to deploy the “invite” emails to students and parents.


  • Gender options now include the following options: Male, Female, Other, Prefer Not To Answer
  • We have disabled student/parent sign in during this early period. We will chat with our early access users about the right time to enable this.


  • An organization without an associated district (like most brand new Presto Assistant organizations) can view the inventory categories correctly.

Importing data

  • Windows users were potentially having problems uploading a CSV file into the system. Not anymore!
  • The validation of dates and other data is cleaned up more. Fewer ways to break an import of data now.


  • A few error messages were showing up when a Presto Assistant user did nothing. Oops! Cleaned up now.
  • We added better error logging behind the scenes. This will help the Presto Assistant team respond more quickly to any critical errors in the app.
January 29, 2021


Presto Engineering

We have been cooking Presto Assistant in our magical software development oven for a little over two years. It’s ready for some real-world use to get feedback from a handful of users now. This initial release has a little something for everyone.

Don’t see a feature you need? Let us know! We have a large backlog of items we are planning and building for Presto Assistant, so you could help shape what we work on next!

All Fine Arts organizations

  • Presto Assistant supports Band, Choir, Dance, Orchestra, and Theater out of the box
  • Levels of education include College/University, High School, Middle School, and Elementary School

User interface

  • Clean and consistent interface throughout using Google’s “Material Design”
  • Data tables are sortable, searchable, and most have filters to help find the data you need quickly

User-based login

  • Students/Parents/Directors/District Admin all have a single Presto Assistant login and can switch between all organizations that they belong to while signed in.

    • This means a District Administrator can sign in to pay her child’s choir trip fee, and then switch back to the “Admin” view, all in one user session (and same for the Organization Director).
  • District Administrators can create a District and invite Directors and District Assistants.
  • Directors can create an Organization and invite District Administrators and assistant Directors.
  • Students/Parents can join an Organization using the “Organization Code” that the directors set up, and then invite other family members.
  • All relationships are set up on “approve/deny” model to help ensure that the relationship is valid.
  • Any user younger than 13 years old must have a parent user associated with their account.

    • We keep strict records for compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

People management

  • Add and update Directors/Parents/Students
  • Set up custom groups to quickly deal with a subset of users

    • E.g., send an email to all “Parent helpers” or all “9th grade All-Region” students
  • Import data in CSV format using a handy template
  • Export a “report” of filtered/sorted/searched data in CSV format

District Admin features

  • Assign District Admin assistants with similar permissions as the Admin
  • Switch inventory between schools with only a few clicks
  • Adjust the permission levels for any Adult (Director or Parent) in any organization
  • Invite the head teacher for any organization within the same school district to create a Presto Assistant organization

Inventory/Uniform/Library management

  • Manage all physical inventory
  • Ability to scan in barcodes for all items

    • Presto Assistant also automatically assigns a system barcode for all items just in case some items don’t have a barcode.
  • Import data in CSV format using handy templates for each area
  • Export a “report” of filtered/sorted/searched data in CSV format
  • Each item’s “Details” view shows a history of all changes to the data for that item.

    • This helps with accountability at all levels.
  • Items can only be seen/edited/deleted with proper permissions

    • All deleted items require a note for the reason for deletion.


  • Sync with Google Calendar

    • You can remove the sync any time
  • Choose individual calendars to show to all students/parents

Financials (coming Spring 2021)

  • Set up Stripe to handle payments from Parents
  • Parents can see all of their students’ payments and pay for them at once
  • Directors can enter payments made by students, splitting one payment across many fees


  • Email works! Send as many attachments as you need, up to 25MB total size
  • Format the text in the email right in the app
  • All emails sent to students automatically copy the parents.


  • Add files of any type for use later
  • Set up folders for use within the Presto Assistant application

    • Upload once and then access whenever you need it later
  • Assign groups who have access to uploaded files
  • Assign the timeframe (school year or date range) when uploaded files are visible to Students/Parents

We’ve been so busy building the bedrock of the application — we are excited to see how everyone uses Presto Assistant!