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May 04, 2021

Finances, part one

Presto Engineering

May 04, 2021

This Finances update adds the ability to add items, fees, and payments. All areas of finances have data tables with handy sorting and searching to help you get to the data you need fast.

Financial Items

When adding a new financial item, a director can choose a specific year and whether or not the new item is “active”. An inactive item cannot be assigned as a fee to students or parents.

Add a financial item image.
Add a financial item

A director can also make the item available for all years. This might make sense for many items like woodwind reeds or bow rosin.

Add a financial item image for "All Years".
Add a financial item for "All Years"

Financial Fees

Assign an active financial item as a fee to any Presto Assistant user in your organization.

Financial fees table.
Financial fees table

Financial Payments

Select a user and add payment, either cash or check. The Presto director can apply the payment to any of the fees for the selected user.

When the payment is added, an email receipt is automatically sent to the student and parents.

Add financial payments for a user.
Add financial payments for a user

Coming Summer 2021

  • Allow students and parents to make payments online without leaving the app. We rely on Stripe to ensure secure transactions.
  • When submitting multiple payments, they are grouped together in a single transaction. Presto is keeping track of transactions under the hood. Directors will be able to use it soon.

Switching Organizations

Presto Assistant already makes it simple to switch between two organizations. No more logging out and logging back in like you are used to in other places.

This minor update adds a bit more information about each organization. If you belong to two organizations named “Texas High School”, then the extra information can help you target the correct one when switching.

More information when switching organizations image.
More information when switching organizations

Got questions?

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