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August 17, 2021

Relationship Management and More

Presto Engineering

August 17, 2021

School is back, and features/fixes keep on rolling out. Learn more about recent Presto Assistant updates!

Relationship Management

Now directors can create a relationship link between any two organization members. We already offer adding parent relationships as part of importing new/updated student data, but now you can manage it from any parent or student details page.

Parent/Student details - Manage relationships
Parent/Student details - Manage relationships

Also, the relationships include more options like siblings, step-parents, aunt/uncle, etc. We hope that this level of control helps get your data exactly where you want it.

Parent Authorization for Students Under 13 Years Old

We have always worked hard to stay in line with the federal COPPA laws regarding younger children using web sites. Right now students who are under 13 years old cannot sign in to the Presto Assistant web app unless we have authorization from their parent. This update adds a way for a parent to go to the “Settings” area and authorize their child under 13 to be able to use Presto. When this permission is granted by a parent, then their student under 13 will be able to sign in to use Presto.

Parent settings - Authorize child under 13 to use Presto
Parent settings - Authorize child under 13 to use Presto

We are doing our part to keep children safe online and also to be transparent with how we handle data. If you or a parent ever has a question about our policies, please send us an email.

Student Full Report

Reports are a big deal. We know it. You know it. As we work on expanding reporting features throughout the system, the first spot to get more work is student data.

Now you can apply a search or a filter and export ALL of the data for that set of results, not just what you see in the table view. Try it and tell us how you like it!

Students table - Export full report
Students table - Export full report

Default Uniform Categories

For all organization types (that’s band, choir, dance, orchestra, and theater), we have added default uniform category type values of Dress, Jacket, and Pants. You can still add your own, if needed, but hopefully the new uniform category defaults will get you started.

Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

If you haven’t signed in for a while, you’ll be greeted with a new “Onboarding” step. We expect that all organizations and districts will include details about Presto Assistant in your district’s version of an “Acceptable Use Policy” that is presented to the parents and students of the district. Our “Acceptable Use Policy Agreement” (link) can be used to present to your district’s security/privacy teams or the parents in your program.

Please let us know if you need more details and send anyone in your district our way if they have questions!

Other Fixes and Updates

  • Directors can add student data to Presto Assistant without a “Date of birth”. The first time the student signs in they will be prompted to add their own “Date of birth” to help fill out your data completely.
  • Inventory comments can now go up to 1000 characters. Some of y’all have a lot of comments!
  • We found an issue when editing a uniform checkout without a “Due date”. It didn’t work. Errors are gone now. Due date is still optional!
  • Fixed an issue when sorting the Inventory table by Checked Out To. All better!

Happy to help

Feel free to contact Presto support with any questions about these features or anything else!

Find the help you need

The Presto Assistant support archive has many detailed articles to help you find what you need. Get in touch if you need any help!