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July 27, 2021

Student Filters and Other Summer Fun

Presto Engineering

July 27, 2021

Team Presto recently returned from the TBA/TCDA/TODA 2021 Summer Conventions in San Antonio. Our exhibit booth had frequent visitors, and we heard lots of great feedback from current Presto users.

Some of the feedback was so good that we jumped right on updates. Keep scrolling to find out what happened next!

Students Table

An intrepid high school band director mentioned to us that the Students table would be easier to use with filters on it. He correctly pointed out that a few other areas of the web app have this ability. He was right, so we added the filters right there during the convention!

Directors can now filter the Students table by:

  • Group
  • Organization Role
  • Grade

Students table - with filters
Students table - with filters

Searching the students table will work better, too. Search by first last or last first (with the space). This update is useful if you have many students with the same first or last name.

Welcome Email

Remember how you can send out a “Welcome Email” to all members in the organization all at once? That’s a nice feature to jump start your organization’s members all at once.

Today’s update will allow you to send the “Welcome Email” to all members again, but now only the students and parents who never logged in will receive the email.

Other Summer Fun

  • When adding or editing a single inventory item, brand and model are no longer required. We hope this helps get inventory into the system more quickly.
  • Assistant directors are now allowed to edit the organization info over in Settings. They can update the organization code and other such information. They are having a great summer, aren’t they?

We’ll see more of you in person at TMEA 2022 soon, we hope. Drink plenty of water, high school band directors!

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