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July 29, 2021

District Administrator Has New Powers

Presto Engineering

July 29, 2021

Our Presto users have sent in some terrific ideas, y’all! Our most recent changes grant a district administrator almost unlimited power and expand checked-out search. Check it out below!

District Administrators gain new powers

Sometimes the people in the Fine Arts Office need to jump in to make a change, like activate a license code or upload inventory items. Now a District Administrator or District Assistant can jump into any organization as themselves and make any changes.

The audit logs will show the correct user name, too. If the DFA “Jane Smith” updates an inventory item, the audit logs will show that Jane Smith made the update.

District Administrator - Full-access privileges.
District Administrator - Full-access privileges

To quote a District Administrator when we told him this was ready this morning:

“Oh my gosh…this is a game changer!”

Checked-out search

If you have checked out inventory or uniforms to students, now you can search for the items by the student’s:

  • Email
  • Name

Workplace productivity is improving!

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