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February 28, 2021

Improved student imports and relationships

Presto Engineering

February 28, 2021

Today’s updates are all about relationships. We are making it easier for directors to connect students with family members. Now you can import student data with parent data to set up the family relationships automatically.

Also, Presto will never duplicate your data. This means you can import your student data many times with updated information (e.g., added parent data on each row) with no worries.

Head over to the “Students” page and click on the “Import students” option in the upper right part of the table to get started adding student data.


  • We have more Student data import options. Now you can add data for up to two parents on each row.
    • If you add Parent data for a student, the following fields are available: email, firstName, lastName, phoneNumber (optional)
    • The relationship between student/parent will be established when you upload parent data.
  • The “import” option for the Parents area is removed. We suggest adding parent data when importing student data. This is the way.


  • When you are viewing the “info” page for any person, you can easily see their connected relationships. This quick family view shows family role (e.g., “Parent” or “Child”), email, name, and phone number.
    • Click on the relationship item to view the “info” page for that person.

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