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June 15, 2022

Early Summer Cleanup

Presto Engineering

June 15, 2022

Happy summer break! We bring good tidings of Finances tweaks, End of Year Process fixes, and various other improvements.

We hope to see some old friends and meet new ones in July at the Southwest Music Summer Exhibition a.k.a. TBA/TCDA/TODA. Presto will be in booth 1145, so come say Hi!

Team Presto will also lead a presentation titled “Modern Software To Keep Up With Your Fast-Paced Program” on Thursday, 7/21/2022 from 4-5pm in CC216. We hope to see some of you there!

End of Year Process Tweaks

Starting July 1st, programs are required to complete the End of Year Process. When a director signs in while the organization is still in “last year”, we’ll remind them about the End of Year Process. We now show this reminder every 3 days. Directors can start this from the Dashboard card or from the Organization Settings page.

End of Year Process - Reminder
End of Year Process - Reminder

We improved logic to check for duplicate members. Some directors enter 8th graders into the high school program early. We now do a better job of checking for duplicate data when moving those members from the feeder organization to the successor organization.

Purchase a License

If you don’t have an active license, you’ll see a Dashboard card to learn more about purchasing a Presto Assistant license. Directors and district administrators will be able to see this new card that links to this support article titled “Purchase a Presto License”.

Dashboard - Purchase a Presto license
Dashboard - Purchase a Presto license

Username and Password

Any member who creates their username/password for a Presto Assistant account will now see the Verify Email step immediately. Note: the “username” in Presto Assistant is always an email address.

Onboarding - Verify Email step
Onboarding - Verify Email step

Any Presto Assistant user can change their username or password from the Profile Settings page.

Profile Settings - Update username and password
Profile Settings - Update username and password

Finances Improvements

Here’s a punch list of several items that we recently updated.

  • Send financial statements only to members with a balance.
  • Exclude waived fees in any spot that shows a balance.
  • Add payment alert dialog if a student is attempting to make an online payment. Only adults are allowed to make an online payment.
  • The Financial Overview page is easier to read and now includes fees from members from previous years. Directors can waive fees to avoid having this data appear there.
  • The balance sheet now shows fees for members from previous years and shows the correct data.

Inventory Checkouts

The details page for an inventory item now shows inventory checkout history for that item.

Inventory Item details - Inventory Checkout history
Inventory Item details - Inventory Checkout history

Comments in Library and Uniforms

Library and Uniform data now have a “Comments” field.

Library Details - Comments
Library Details - Comments

Since Presto has a new built-in library data field called “Comments”, we don’t show that if a district has already added their own Dynamic Field also called “Comments”.

Other Items

  • A Director can only give permissions to others if the director has those permissions enabled themselves.
  • Add student address and phone number data to the Students V2 table.
  • Add “spouse” relationship type.
  • District Admin organizations table now uses the updated table which we call “Data Grid”.
  • Confirmation dialogs will look much better on mobile screens now.
  • We accidentally removed some of the District Administrator “god-like” privileges. It is fixed, and we regret the error. :)
  • Hide side navigation link to the “Inventory” feature for a director that doesn’t have permission to read that data.
  • Sometimes deleted inventory items would show up twice in the District Admin view. No longer!
  • Allow inventory items to be checked in if a student has already graduated from the organization.
  • We don’t show duplicate members in the People Picker anymore. This could happen if members were deleted.

You got questions? We got answers.

Please contact Presto support with any questions or suggestions.

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