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February 24, 2021

Importing people just got easier

Presto Engineering

February 24, 2021

Special thanks to a valued director using Presto who provided some feedback about importing people data. We listened, planned some changes, wrote code, tested it, and now have all of it ready a 1/2 day later. 🔥


  • Importing members data just got a lot easier…No need for any more student passwords on imports.
  • For all types of people data you can import – students, parents, directors – you only need four fields: emailAddress, firstName, lastName, and dateOfBirth. The rest of it can be added later by you or the individual Presto members when they sign in.
  • There was an issue where clicking on an adult members’s name to see their data might crash the web application if they had no gender data. We fixed it right up.
  • All non-admin members will now see a card on the dashboard showing information about family members – how many connections or how many pending invitations.

All members you add to Presto Assistant will be prompted to change their password the first time they sign in, regardless of whether or not one was provided on import.

We hope this helps to get your data into Presto Assistant faster!

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