Presto Releases

February 09, 2021

Improvements in importing and more

Presto Engineering

February 09, 2021

Based on feedback from Presto users, our engineers have been making the magic happen all week long. Here’s what changed in the last several days:


  • Some of the date inputs would crash the web app if you deleted a value. We found the bug and squashed it.


  • Resolve an issue where a user’s Google Calendar authentication would expire and cause an error. We now show a way for them to head to Google’s settings to reset the authentication, which allows them to hook up Presto Assistant + Google Calendar again. This should be rare, but now there is guidance if this pops up.

Communication - Email

  • The interface for adding people to an email has more room (we affectionately call this the People Picker).
  • You can click anywhere on the “To” area to start adding recipients.
  • Hover over or tab to any recipient and a pop-up shows with that recipient’s email address. That seems important!

Data Tables

  • All data tables now support up to 250 rows viewed. The larger organizations thought this was a good idea, and we agreed.
  • As long as you are using the same browser, your page size for each table will sync up. Switch to 100 inventory items in view, close your browser, open it back up to Presto Assistant, and your inventory table will show 100 rows of data. Voila! This works on all data tables.

Importing data

  • Allow a wider format of dates in imported data with leading zeroes, forward slashes, hyphens, and short year — as long as dates are in one of these formats, then all should work as expected:
    • 3/3/21, 03/03/2021, 3-3-21, 03-03-2021,
  • Improve detection of duplicate custom barcodes.
  • Quotation marks inside cells would break an import. No longer! Feel free to import Jupiter from “The Planets” all you want.


  • Viewing the details for any person shows a more concise interface now. Edit buttons are closer within reach. This pattern will soon make its way to other parts of the web application. This will help directors move fast and find what they need.

Find the help you need

The Presto Assistant support archive has many detailed articles to help you find what you need. Get in touch if you need any help!