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February 06, 2024

Import Data From Other Systems

Presto Engineering

February 06, 2024

Things have been quiet here…too quiet. Although we release new features and fixes several times each week, we neglected to tell anyone about the updates. We’re playing “catch up” to show you what we’ve been up to. Check this space often for updates!

Even Easier Import

We’ve heard from directors that they want an even easier way to move data from their current tools into the Presto Assistant system. We built just that.

Now you can send us your CSV file from Charms, CutTime, or other tools, and our team will work on importing the data for you.

Import from another system — Choose an option
Import from another system — Choose an option

Member Details Email Suppression Alert

The details page now shows an alert if a member is not receiving your emails through the Presto system. Click on the “Manage” button to remove that member from the suppression list. That means that our Presto Assistant system will attempt to deliver future emails to this individual.

Member Details — Email Supression Alert
Member Details — Email Supression Alert

Odds and Ends

  • When composing an email, some styles like colors and bold text were shown incorrectly as plain text. We fixed things, so you can make your email more interesting again.
  • The director view for the Uniforms table would sometimes show duplicate data. No, that child doesn’t have two marching band hats — that was a bug on our end.
  • The Library and Uniform details pages will show our custom Presto system barcode that we generate for each item. If you don’t have a barcode, you can use ours!

Reach out with questions

Send an email to Presto support with any questions or suggestions.