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March 04, 2021

All about licenses

Presto Engineering

March 04, 2021

Good news – All licenses for Presto Assistant purchased right now are good until the end of June 2022! 💪

How do licenses work?

  1. All Presto users get a free 30-day trial.
  2. When an organization’s Director or the District Administrator decides that Presto Assistant works for them, they can contact Presto billing to purchase licenses.
    • A license is always purchased by a District and can be given to any organization not currently using a license.
  3. The District Administrator (or a District Assistant) can view a list of purchased licenses in their “Admin” view. That Administrator should provide a one-time-use license code to any organization Director that needs to activate their subscription.
  4. An organization’s Director can redeem a license when signed in to the web application – look in the top left area, this is viewable from all pages in Presto Assistant.


  • A District Administrator can now see a list of licenses for their district.
  • A Director for an organization can redeem a license code given by the District Administrator.
    • This works if the organization has become “inactive”, too, either because the free trial has ended or a 1-year license has ended.


  • When importing student data, Presto will do a better job at telling a director about any errors.
    • Keep in mind that all student emails should be different than connected parent emails.

Ready to purchase licenses for your district? Contact Presto billing

Questions? Contact Presto support