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February 11, 2021

Invite your students and parents

Presto Engineering

February 11, 2021

Our road to TMEA 2021 includes a handful of updates. Swing by our TMEA booth in the next few days and ask all the questions you can think of!


  • All members of your organization have to complete an “onboarding” process to set up their own password and update any missing information. We now offer two ways to send out an email to invite organization members to complete this process:
    • The detail page for any student/parent/director has the option to send the “welcome” email to that one user.
    • The organization settings page has the option to send the “welcome” email to any user who has not received it yet.
    • A typical workflow like this might make sense:
      • Add all of the students and other users
      • Finish setting up your organization details like Google Calendar, etc
      • Then send an invite email to everyone when you are ready!
  • We have re-enabled parent/student sign-in for any organization member who received the “welcome” email mentioned above.


  • A student could switch themselves to a parent “role” in your organization in the first step of onboarding. We caught it. It is fixed now.


  • This very page was released! Now anyone can stay informed about the latest Presto Assistant updates.

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