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February 01, 2021

Communication and more

Presto Engineering

February 01, 2021

After our first “early access” invitees looked around the system, they helped us find a few things to tidy up.

Communication - Email

  • Emails were being sent out to any created/imported user automatically to help them set up their Presto Assistant user profile. We were not warning the directors that this would happen, so this feature is turned off. Emails will still be sent to other directors added to the program, as that seems like a good use case — inviting co-workers to check out Presto Assistant.
    • We do feel like the “invite” email is a necessary feature to help a program set up Presto quickly. We plan on implementing a better way to let the director choose when to deploy the “invite” emails to students and parents.


  • Gender options now include the following options: Male, Female, Other, Prefer Not To Answer
  • We have disabled student/parent sign in during this early period. We will chat with our early access users about the right time to enable this.


  • An organization without an associated district (like most brand new Presto Assistant organizations) can view the inventory categories correctly.

Importing data

  • Windows users were potentially having problems uploading a CSV file into the system. Not anymore!
  • The validation of dates and other data is cleaned up more. Fewer ways to break an import of data now.


  • A few error messages were showing up when a Presto Assistant user did nothing. Oops! Cleaned up now.
  • We added better error logging behind the scenes. This will help the Presto Assistant team respond more quickly to any critical errors in the system.

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